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Realistic Carvers

Realistic carvers delight in the literal depiction of animals, they excel in the execution of concrete, minute detail. All the carvers started out learning the traditional approach to carving animals through their family connections. Don Sharp, an administrator with the Federal Young American Conservation Corps, was the first to encourage and promote realistic carving in Zuni. Dan Quam, his half brothers' Lance, Fabian & Wilfred Cheama & their sister; Arvella - were the first family to develop the realistic style. We have included Vivella Cheama; Fabian's partner, Lance's ex partner, Karen Zunie as well as Hudson Sandy - who was once partner to Fabian's daughter.

There are 11 artists in the sale. If you click on their name, you will be lead to their individual pages for further information. Enjoy!

Derrick Kaamasee - Lance Cheama - Wilfred Cheama - Fabian and Vivella Cheama - Arvella Cheama - Dan Quam - Karen Zunie - Hudson Sandy - Jeff Shetima - Travis Lasiloo