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In Honor of September and Labor Day, Sunshine Studio is having a 20% off Sale on BEARS, EAGLES, MAIDENS & FIGURES. The 20% Discount will Occur Automatically as you check out, in your shopping Cart.

September 4TH - Midnight, September 17TH - ENJOY!

BEARS: For the Zuni, the bear is an animal endowed with strength, adaptability, courage and healing powers - in both the physical and spiritual realm. Elder brother of the badger, the bear assumes the western direction in a protective directional set and is associated with the color blue. White bears are regarded as particularly potent healers. The bear’s association with healing may have stemmed from its ability to hibernate during seasonal changes in order to conserve its food supply and energy.

EAGLES: As a mighty inhabitant of the sky, the eagle naturally assumes the direction of the zenith in the six-directional arrangement/set. The raptor's power, strength, and dynamic grace earn it high regard in Zuni culture - the eagle is at once teacher, creator and loyal intuitive. Because of its ability to freely survey the land below from the sky above, the eagle is the intermediary between humans and the great divine. The eagle is the messenger to the Creator; he's the guardian protector of the cosmos. The eagle represents conscious enlightenment and clarity; his medicine brings perspective of one's self - enabling vision of situations from all sides. 

MAIDENS & FIGURES: The maiden symbolizes abundance, fertility and feminine energy and the corn maiden in particular is venerated in Zuni for giving up her life for the health of the community. The meaning of the other human figures is not as clear. Some simply represent people. Others may represent priests or other personages from Zuni ceremonies. The differences among the many maidens and figures have more to do with the artist and family styles than anything else.

NOTE: Whomever pays first for a sale item in their shopping cart will be the one to receive it. You can add carvings made by deceased carvers or non-sale items, you simply won't receive the discount.