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Quandelacy Family

We are creating this collection for the living carving Quandelacy Family of artists. 

Stewart Quandelacy now in his late 60's, carves what Kent McManis called the "quintessential Zuni fetish," - the medicine bear with Stewart's unique zig-zag heartline that we think resembles an EKG. Stewart has been carving this bear in various materials and sizes for more than 40 years! Today, Stewart even carves large medicine bears with a triple heartline. Even after all these years, collectors have not tired of his medicine bear and this bear is one of the best-selling Zuni fetishes today. Stewart carves other animals and Sunshine Studio usually has at least one of his six-directional sets available for sale. With his wife, Priscilla Lasiloo, he carves elegant long necked bears, buffaloes and mountain lions. When there is a heartline on the fetish, it is Stewart's. The other smaller bears are Priscilla's. We hear that Priscilla inlays the eyes on all the couple's carvings and she is also the one who painstakingly sands & polishes all the carvings.

Andres Quandelacy is the only surviving carving brother of Stewart Quandelacy, now in his early 60's. Andres Quandelacy is the most prolific of the large Quandelacy carving family, due to his strong work ethic. When not working at cattle ranching, he always can be found at his carving bench. Andres carves very sleek mountain lions, bears, realistic horses and numerous other beautiful creatures. Most of his animals have straight line heartlines on only one side of the fetish(that is his signature style). Andres' fetish necklaces are among the most sought-after of the family.

Sandra Quandelacy is now the oldest carving sister, at 67 with the recent death of the elderly Albenita Yunie. Sandra Quandelacy is a maiden specialist. Sandra achieves consistent fine quality in the detail work on her maidens utilizing the best stones that can be found in Zuni. Sandra is known for adding tablita headdresses or olla/water jars to the heads of her maidens. Sandra creates unique fetish necklaces with ears of corn featuring a large maiden pendant.  

Faye Quandelacy is Sandra's younger sister in her early 60's and also is a maiden carver. Faye Quandelacy learned carving from Lavina Tsikewa. For most of her carving career, Faye has specialized in maidens. Some of her larger maidens stand out in any collection, especially those with an eagle perched on the maiden which she carved in her younger days after attending art school. Faye has slowed down her carving of late and carves mostly smaller maidens. Faye is known for carving eagles and bears protecting the maiden which harkens back to a Zuni creation story that purports animals saved the Zuni tribe from a flood. 

Stuart & Vickie Quandelacy are carving siblings whose parents were Dickie & Amy Quandelacy, now deceased. Both carve maidens. Stuart's maidens usually hold an offering jar with turquoise or multicolor corn inlaid inside them and he seems to prefer carving maidens out of shell. Vickie's maidens stand out with their elaborate necklaces, inlaid with penn shell, jet, coral and turquoise.  

Kateri Sanchez is the daughter of the now deceased Georgia Quandelacy who died at 62 in 2019. Kateri carves the corn maiden more than her aunts and has developed a mature style that commands awards. Kateri is now combining owls, bears and buffaloes with maidens on her carvings implying that the two are stronger, together. Kateri has found her niche already with large carvings made in labradorite, marble and until recently; turquoise. Her stand alone owls and bears are now sought after just like her maidens. Her daughter Jada now in her late teens is already starting to carve as well so stay tuned!