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Onyx Bird, Eagle by Douglas Martza - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Douglas Martza

Onyx Bird, Eagle by Douglas Martza

$ 95.00

A cream, grayish sage green, brown and raw sienna veined onyx eagle carved by Douglas Martza looking straight ahead with rounded turquoise inlaid eyes. Douglas has incised feathers all over the eagle's body excluding the eagle's beak and talons. The talons are carved in their full glory curving downwards creating a hook like shape. Thanks to Douglas' expertise, the eagle stands perfectly. There is also a striking offering bundle circling the eagle's neck with sinew featuring a small clam shell arrowhead surrounded by five turquoise, two gold-lip, two coral and two mother-of-pearl beads - all the larger beads are surrounded by melon shell heishi. The eagle has incredible vision so eagle medicine teaches mankind to look at the comprehensive whole picture of all situations. The Zuni believe the creator made the eagle to be a teacher - he is the guardian and master of the sky - revered for power, strength and dynamic grace.
Artist: Douglas Martza (signed)
Size: 7/8 in. wide x 3-1/4 in. long x 2-1/8 in. tall

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