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Petoskey Stone Mountain Lion by Michael Mahooty - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Michael Mahooty

Petoskey Stone Mountain Lion by Michael Mahooty

$ 60.00

A Petoskey stone carved mountain lion carved by Michael Mahooty with turquoise inlaid eyes. We have just learned that Michael Mahooty is not deceased - great news, we think! Michael has created a tail in the tradtional Zuni style - wrapping lyrically over the lion's back. Michael also added a simple offering bundle to the top of the lion's back featuring a small clam shell arrowhead with one turquoise bead placed on top of it - surrounded by a few melon shell heishi beads. Petoskey stone is composed of fossilized rugose coral. The fossil used here has very little distinctive mottled patterns left from the six-sided coral - only near the stomach and lower region of the legs - but you can see the textures more readily. For the Zuni, the lion represents the guardian of the north - he is the master hunter, revered for intelligence, prowess and strength of will. The mountain lion enjoys the prestige of being one of the most capable predators, and therefore conveys to man a spirit to refine goals, preserve, and achieve.
Artist: Michael Mahooty (signed)
Size: 1 in. wide x 4-1/2 in. long x 1-5/8 in. tall

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