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Antler Buffalo by Raymond Tsalate - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Raymond Tsalate

Antler Buffalo by Raymond Tsalate

$ 850.00

A plump cream and gray colored antler buffalo with pen shell inlaid eyes carved by Ray Tsalate - delivered to Sunshine Studio in December of 2023. Ray has strategically placed the porous marrow areas on the buffalo's face and tail. RThere are Mediterranean coral inlaid horns and leather inlaid ears and tail. The buffalo is not a traditional subject for Zuni carvers though the medicine they bring is needed since the buffalo helps mankind to overcome all obstacles, builds emotional courage, brings abundance and initiates prayerfulness.
Artist: Raymond Tsalate (signed)
Size: With Horns, Ears And Tail: 1-7/8 inch wide x 2-3/8 in. long x 1-5/8 in. tall

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