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Picasso Marble Buffalo by Jonas Hustito - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Jonas Hustito

Picasso Marble Buffalo by Jonas Hustito

$ 150.00

A striking gray, cream, brown and black veined Picasso marble buffalo carved by Jonas Hustito looking to its left side with turquoise inlaid eyes. Jonas has carved the horns from the same stone and incised fur on the buffalo's face and mane - leaving the other portions of the body polished and smooth. The buffalo is not a traditional subject for Zuni carvers though the medicine they bring is needed since the buffalo helps mankind to overcome all obstacles, builds emotional courage, brings abundance and initiates prayerfulness.
Artist: Jonas Hustito (signed)
Size: 1-1/4 in. wide x 3-3/4 in. long x 2-3/4 in. tall

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