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Serpentine Pig With Piglets by Stanton Hannaweeke - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Stanton Hannaweeke

Serpentine Pig With Piglets by Stanton Hannaweeke

$ 180.00

A a striking cream and golden umber serpentine sow carved resting on the ground with her six piglets - carved by Stanton Hannaweeke. Stanton has given all seven pigs turquoise inlaid eyes and perky spiraling tails. The mother sow has a rounded right side and a left side that is flat, allowing the six piglets to gain succor from the six turquoise dot/udders. YOu will have fun placing the piglets all around the mother pig - just you wait! The sow and piglets are a symbol of innocence because the construct of mother and children is always associated with purity.
Artist: Stanton Hannaweeke
Size: Sow: 5-1/8 in. long x 2-3/8 in. wide x 1-1/4 in. tall, Average Piglet: 1 in. long x 3/8 in. wide x 1/2 in. tall

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