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Travertine Ram by Burt Awelagte  - Zuni Fetish - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Burt Awelagte

Travertine Ram by Burt Awelagte - Zuni Fetish

$ 150.00

A golden travertine ram with a few amber colored veins and turquoise inlaid eyes carved by Burt Awelagte - delivered to Sunshine Studio in August of 2022. Burt has created this ram in his rounded geometric style with horns carved from the same stone. A fantastic offering bundle is strapped to the top of the ram's back with sinew featuring apple coral and turquoise beads with a small gastropod shell placed at the center. The lesson to be learned from the ram is self worth & self reliance.
Artist: Burt Awelagte (signed)
Size: 2-7/8 in. long x 7/8 in. wide x 2-1/4 in. tall
#59743 - Zuni Fetishes

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