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Picasso Marble Mountain Lion by Clive Hustito - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Clive Hustito

Picasso Marble Mountain Lion by Clive Hustito

$ 550.00

A wonderful large gray, brown and black veined Picasso marble mountain lion with turquoise* inlaid eyes that look downwards and a tail that circles back on the left side of the lion's body. The five directional brothers are mounted on the lion's back with a lovely bundle. There is a spiny oyster badger, a Picasso marble eagle at the top; mounted to a Picasso marble arrow head, a MOP wolf and a pin shell mole; all with turquoise* inlaid eyes with a turquoise* bear with jet inlaid eyes.
Artist: Clive Hustito (signed)
Size: 8 in. long x 1-3/4 in. wide 4-3/4 in. tall

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