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Quandelacy Family

Ellen Quandelacy is the matriarch of the Quandelacy family. She herself learned to carve from her father, Johnny Quam. Ellen passed away in 2002.

The Quandelacys carve distinctive sleek, high-polished animals and lovely maidens; they are also well-known for their fetish necklaces.

Stewart Quandelacy

Stewart Quandelacy carves what Kent McManis calls the "quintessential Zuni fetish," the medicine bear with zig-zag heartline that Kent chose to illustrate the cover of his first book. Stewart has been carving this bear in various materials and sizes for more than 20 years. Today, Stewart even carves large medicine bears with a triple heartline. Even after 20 years' time, collectors have not tired of his medicine bear and this bear is one of the best-selling Zuni fetishes today. Stewart carves other animals and Sunshine Studio usually has at least one of his six-directional sets available for sale. With his wife, Priscilla Lasiloo, he carves elegant long necked bears and mountain lions. When there is a heartline on the fetish, it is Stewart's. The others are Priscilla's.

Andres Quandelacy

Andres Quandelacy is the most prolific of the large Quandelacy carving family, due to his strong work ethic. When not working at cattle ranching, he is always seen at his carving bench. Andres carves very sleek mountain lions, bears (some with finely-incised fur), realistic horses and numerous other beautiful creatures. Most have heartlines on only one side of the fetish. Andres' fetish necklaces are among the most sought-after of the family.

Faye Quandelacy

Faye Quandelacy learned carving from Lavina Tsikewa. For most of her carving career, Faye has specialized in maidens. Some of her larger maidens stand out in any collection, especially those with an eagle perched on the maiden. Faye has slowed down her carving of late and carves mostly smaller maidens. Faye took over Ellen's role as matriarch of the family, and organizes the Quandelacy "Grandmother" fetish necklaces. These necklaces have one carving by each of the children, with one of Faye's fossil ivory maidens as a centerpiece. Every fetish necklace collector should have one of the Quandelacy Grandmother necklaces.

Sandra Quandelacy

Sandra Quandelacy is also a maiden specialist. Sandra does not carve the large fetishes that Faye once carved. Sandra achieves consistent fine quality in the detail work on her maidens. Every maiden collector should have one or two maidens by Sandra in addition to what he/she has collected by Faye. Sandra does some unique fetish necklaces with ears of corn.

Georgia Quandelacy

Georgia Quandelacy is noted for her animals with multicolor heartlines and sunface inlay. Her moles are important for any small six-directional set. Her necklaces with sunface inlays on all the carvings are quite attractive.

Albenita Quandelacy Yunie

Albenita Quandelacy Yunie carves somewhat larger and simpler fetishes than the rest of the family. Her necklaces are simple, relatively inexpensive, and attractive. She has two sons, Brian and Jeff Yunie who carve fetishes that are similar to their mom's.

Avery Quandelacy carves fetishes in his own style. He does horses, bears, wolves, buffalo, and other animals. His armadillos and his otters are especially attractive. He has carved several very unique, whimsical, large elephants over the years. As of this writing, two of his pink elephants are still on the Sunshine Studio site. His necklaces are quite good and are less expensive than are Andres'.

Stuart Quandelacy

Stuart Quandelacy is Dickie and Amy Quandelacy's son. He does maidens. At the time of this writing, he seems to be competing with Faye as the carver of the finest maidens in the family, and is carving many more large maidens. His maidens usually have an offering jar with turquoise or multicolor corn. He also carves some elegant maidens on his fetish necklaces.

Vickie Quandelacy

Vickie Quandelacy is Stuart's sister. She has recently developed a style of maiden with bolder features than the rest of the family. Most of her newer maidens are wearing overlayed coral or turquoise necklaces that are very attractive.

Kateri Sanchez


Kateri Sanchez is Georgia's daughter. She is still developing her style. Her maidens can sometimes surpass those of her mother and aunts. Most recently, Kateri was awarded first place at the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Chad Quandelacy


Chad Quandelacy is Stewart and Pricilla's son. We can sometimes find his carvings. His maidens are unique and quite different from those of the rest of the family. Some people prefer his carvings to those of his aunts.

Ernie Mackel


Ernie Mackel is included because he is Chad's brother-in-law, i. e., son-in-law of Priscilla and Stewart. He is noted for his mountain lions and wolves carved running at full speed ahead. He does some ravens that are unique because they often have a brightly-colored pebble in their mouth. This amusing habit of ravens has not been picked up by any of the other Zuni carvers.

Wilmer, Barlow and Dickie Quandelacy

Wilmer Quandelacy carves only rarely. Barlow Quandelacy passed away in 1982. Their fetishes are quite hard to find. Dickie Quandelacy's are even harder to find as he prefers to do inlaid jewelry.