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Troy Sice and Ray Tsalate

Troy Sice and Ray Tsalate are two of the special carvers of Zuni. Both primarily carve in antler - that has been shed by the creature. Troy's tall figures are elegantly and tastefully decorated and are often burnished Ray's pieces are strikingly decorated with semi-precious stones. His maidens are famous for their colored sashes and detailed hairdos. Troy learned to carve from his late uncles Miguel and Ramie Haloo and his late half-brother Colvin Peina. Ray learned to carve from Troy. We have collected a few of Troy's and Ray's pieces and proudly offer them to you here!

Any carving on these pages over $500 or any order that reaches this amount will automatically get a 15% off discount. However, if there is a sale going on involving Troy or Ray's work - only the sale discount will be applied.