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Zuni Rock (travertine) Bird by Delvin Leekya - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Delvin Leekya

Zuni Rock (travertine) Bird by Delvin Leekya

$ 98.00

A tan, gray and golden ocher colored Zuni rock travertine bird with turquoise inlaid eyes. Carved by Delvin Leekya, the bird has inlaid wings and tail created from strips of gold-lip mother of pearl on the tail and pink mussel and dark mother-of-pearl on the wings. A bird’s ability to travel freely above the earth, migrate over vast distances and occupy an astonishing array of terrestrial habitats make it a powerful symbol of freedom.
Artist: Delvin Leekya (signed)
Size: 1-5/8 in. wide x 4 in. long x 2-1/4 in. tall

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