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Lorandina Sheche

We created this page to honor the love that Challis had for the work of Lorandina Sheche, Marnella Kucate and Aaron Chapella. They are members of the Sheche family of Zuni fetish carvers.

Before his death, Aaron Sheche gathered the family around and asked them all to continue the tradition of carving in the style of the ancients. (Lorandina and Marnella are sisters, Aaron Chapella is Lorandina's son.)

Frank Hamilton Cushing's book "Zuni Fetishes" is the basic reference for the Sheche family carvings. There are some exceptions. The decorations on the fetishes are sometimes different. Occasionaly, Lorandina will add some decorations that she calls "gifts". The book is a good general guide.

Lorandina has more time for carving than her sister Marnella, who has a full time job in Gallup. Lorandina's son, Aaron, does not produce many carvings. Thus, as a whole, the family's carvings are hard to find. Challis would have been proud of our latest small collection of Sheche family carvings that we present here!