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Jayne and Lynn Quam

Jayne & Lynn Quam are a couple who have carved in an abstract style for over 20 years, always finding the best stones. Lynn's mother, Annie Gasper Quam, was a well known jeweler and fetish carver who died in 2001.  Lynn Quam is known for carving buffaloes with a slight tilt to their head and bears with inlaid heart lines on both sides of their back. Lynn has a diamond wheel so he often can carve harder stones and get smooth well polished finishes. Lynn taught Jayne to carve by having her sand & do some of the inlay work like the eyes and horns on his carvings. Jayne is known for creating animal pairs - most notably wolf doubles. She now inlays bits of stone & shell to create abstract landscapes, galaxies and heart lines on the backs of her single carved animals - we like to call it a cloisonne style. From time to time, the artists collaborate on making a bear or buffalo together.