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Hiram Peynetsa

Hiram Peynetsa is a carver in his mid-thirties whose mother; Erica Bobelu Peynetsa is from a family of prestigious carvers & jewelers. Hiram learned to carve by watching his uncles; Bremette Epaloose, Chris & Julius Yuselew - all of whom are now deceased.  Hiram is a child of the Badger clan who at 12 years young; performed the sacred dance of the Fire God, during the Shalako feast day celebration. Hiram's style has developed over time - he typically uses white & black marble, lapis, picture jasper & turquoise.  The animals he has perfected are immense - most notably his medicine bears, badgers, Kolowisi serpents, Kokopelli, eagles and all species of birds. He now inlays healing heart lines, badger stripes, paw pads & Zuni sun faces on his carvings & often incises fur and decorative motifs like feathers on the backs of his animals. He consistently wins awards for his flying eagles, eagle families & his medicine bears.