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Esteban and Ruben Najera

Esteban Najera is one of the treasures of the Zuni fetish carving world. He was one the five cousins who were the first Zunis to learn how to carve antler safely under a fume hood circa 1985. Esteban's specialty was very fine detail. He loves to carve skeletons - and has even carved a skeleton rock band with instruments. Challis bought and sold many of Esteban's pieces during the early years of Sunshine Studio.

Ruben Najera is Esteban's older brother who also carves in antler. He carves small stand alone animals like lions, squirrels, foxes, hummingbirds, pigs, rabbits, bears, frogs, turtles and cats. He is also well known for carving individual animals like eagles, hawks, owls, bats and dragonflies; then inlaying them with a pin on a tree, a nest, or a leaf.    

We have collected a few of Esteban's & Ruben's carvings and proudly offer them to you here.