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Eddington Hannaweeke

Eddington Hannaweeke was one of the first Zuni fetish carvers we represent.

Eddington married Annette Tsikewa in the 1970s. Their marriage was turbulent from the beginning. They separated in the 1980s and have had separate careers since. There were no children resulting from their marriage.

Eddington's style is "humorous". He is famous for his "Zuni Bears on Roller Skates", his "Zuni Basketball Players", etc. He also carves traditional fetishes, but always with "a wink in their eyes".

Eddington is not as prolific a carver as he once was. He carves only when he is in the right mood or he needs the money. We are proud to show you our small collection of Eddington's fetishes available for sale!