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Serpentine Maiden Figure by Rhoda Quam, Deceased - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Rhoda Quam, Deceased

Serpentine Maiden Figure by Rhoda Quam, Deceased

$ 135.00

A prominent muted green, brown, gray and black veined/colored serpentine maiden figure carved by the now deceased Rhoda Quam. On one side is a maiden with a pipestone face and an angelite headband and jet features. The maiden carries a water bowl full of turquoise chips that symbolize water. The maiden on the opposite side has a clam shell inlaid face and a malachite headband. The maidens wear turquoise and coral dot pendants. There are two star bursts with turquoise dots inlaid on the clam shell maiden's shawl. And on the lower portion of both the maidens' skirts are incised star bursts with coral dots at their centers. Maidens symbolize abundance, fertility and feminine energy.
Artist: Rhoda Quam, Deceased
Size: 7/8 in. wide x 1 in. deep x 2-3/8 in. tall

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