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Colin D. Weeka, Deceased

Colin D. Weeka is the son of Calvin Weeka Jr. who is in turn is the son of Calvin Weeka Senior - now deceased - he died in the Nineties. Colin therefore grew up amongst carvers with his father's brothers; Garrick & Eric Weeka carving as well. Colin started out carving mountain lion & bobcat families perched on trees but now has conquered many new animals; notably resting deer & fauns, eagles, owls and all kinds of birds. He often inlays spots, snouts, hooves and beaks and has created a signature style; incising lines to represent fur or feathers all over his animals' bodies. His attention to detail sets his work apart from many carvers as well as his ability to choose the perfect stone for the animal he is carving. Sadly, Colin died in early 2022 at the young age of 39. His loss is a travesty to the carving world - there is no telling where his carving career would have taken him.