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Bryston and Calvert Bowannie

Calvert & Bryston Bowannie are offspring of the Panteah family; they are part of the Crane Clan on their mother's side and the Dogwood clan on their father's side.

Calvert Bowannie is an established Zuni carver specializing in creating nicely polished simplified raven, whale, and penguin forms - utilizing black marble with inlaid white clam shell embellishments. 

Born in 1966, Bryston learned to carve by watching his brother Calvert, starting to carve himself around 1989. For over a decade, Bryston worked his way up to become the fire chief of the Zuni Hot Shot fire crew. Once he stepped down, he began to carve in earnest. He excels at carving animals with friendly faces - wolves, horses, sheep, buffalo & birds; notably, eagles, ravens and owls - often carved flying with wings outstretched. Over time, Bryston has added African giraffes, gorillas, elephants, lions, Australian kangaroos, prehistoric mastodons & woolly mammoths and even mythical creatures like Pegasus', pegacorns & unicorns. Like his brother, he started out using shell, black & white marble but now also works with Picasso marble, picture jasper & serpentine.