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Bremette Epaloose, Deceased

Discounts do not apply to deceased artists.

Bremette Epaloose is a carver who died way too young on July 10TH, 2015 in his late 30's; we believe. His carvings are realistic yet somewhat abstract at the same time, with incised detail in all the right places. He always created well composed and highly polished animals, using coveted stones of the day; like Egyptian marble, cuprite, leopard marble, malachite & root beer onyx. His work ethic was profound; he produced thousands of carvings in his brief lifetime as a carver. He was a member of the badger clan - one of the most religious clans in Zuni. We would say his badgers were some of the best ever carved! His sister is Vivella Cheama the wife of the micro-realist carver Fabian Cheama. We are told he learned to carve from Fabian. His work has a high element of playfulness to it - he was one of the first to carve domestic dogs, some with fire hydrants - ha! He would make scary cats around Halloween, and had no qualms carving animals that were not 'traditional' like upside down well balanced donkeys, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, African lions, then create big white marble or othoceras medicine bears with inlaid turquoise bear paw prints the next month. His carvings are highly coveted and we still find his work in upcoming inventory boxes - so gladly present them as we discover them. We morn the loss of this talented artist, every day!