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Abby Quam and Clayton Panteah

Abby Quam and Clayton Panteah were among the classic carvers of Zuni when Sunshine Studio opened for business in 1995. They carve simple, traditional fetishes in a style that is uniquely their own. Their fetishes are carved in a wide variety of stones and are decorated with very precise heart lines, the best heart lines in Zuni. Recently, they have begun producing some fetishes with healing heart lines (zig zag heart lines) which impart even more meaning to the carvings. Some times, when the color of the stone allows, the natural pattern and color of the stone replaces the human created heart line. Challis met Abby Quam very early on and fell in love with Abby and her fetishes. We present here a collection of modest priced pieces. Every serious fetish collector should have a few carvings by Abby Quam and Clayton Panteah.