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What's New in Native American Art

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We have created more than twenty new fetish pages organized by subject. You may find these pages listed among the links at

We added many new items to our American Indian jewelry on April 20, 2013 which is available at

Sunshine Studio New Posting Announcements: Normally, we send out an email announcement of the date and time of the new posting a week to ten days before the posting, with a reminder email sent the night before the new posting. If you would like to receive these email announcements, please send us an email and be sure that your spam filter is set to accept mail from,, and .

New Face at Sunshine Studio - Starting today, Stephanie Howard is the new voice of Sunshine Studio. We know that you are anxious to meet her. Stephanie will be answering our phone most of the times that you call starting today, 15 January, 2008.

Sunshine Studio in Smithsonian Magazine: One of Sunshine Studio's recently sold fetishes on page 79 of the April, 2007 issue of Smithsonian Magazine. It is part of a fine article entitled "The Zuni Way". If you have not seen the article, get this issue from your favorite bookseller before it is sold out.

New fetish posting - New fetishes were posted on our Fetish Page on September 10, 2003 and we plan maintain the Sunshine Studio tradition into the future in Challis' memory!.

Ben Gorman - Ben Gorman has found a new job and is no longer doing silversmithing. We have preserved our illustrated story of Ben making jewelry on our  Ben Gorman page.

New Shipping Policy: Effective November 4, 2001, the customer is responsible for loss or damage to all shipments that are sent uninsured at the request of the customer (including all international First Class Mail, Global Priority Mail, and International Express Mail shipments).   Any lost or damaged shipment not reported to Sunshine Studio within 30 days of the order date is the responsibility of the customer.

Introduction to Native American Art and Crafts

from Sunshine Studio

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American Indian Art

Arch Thiessen in Sunshine Studio Booth at Don Bennett's Antique American Indian Art Show in Santa Fe, NM, August, 1995

On our Sunshine Studio web site, you will find antique and contemporary Native American arts and crafts, biographical sketches of American Indian artists, stories of real-life our biographical sketches of Native American artists, an illustrated story of the construction of a Navajo inlay/overlay bracelet, and low prices. This small business has been on the Internet since 1995, and has been operated from our home in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1975. Sunshine Studio is a full member of ATADA, Antique Tribal Arts Dealers Association, Inc.

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Native American Art

Home of Sunshine Studio

after Spring Snowstorm 3/13/99

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Home of Sunshine Studio

Home of Sunshine Studio

with Tamarisk Tree in Full Bloom, July, 2003

Some of our business is in special order American Indian Art obtained directly from the artist to the specifications of the customer. If you have something that you would like to order, please let us know. Note that this process takes a substantial amount of time, one to two months or more, as most well-known native American artists are quite busy.

We are Santa Fe Indian traders. We will buy, sell, trade, or appraise any American Indian art item within our range of expertise. We can handle Native American baskets, fetishes, jewelry, Kachinas, paintings, pottery, rugs, or other crafts. We deal in Southwest American Indian art. Plains Indian art, beadwork, and Northwest Coast Indian art, etc. are not in our range of expertise, although we have colleagues here in Santa Fe who can help you with these items. We are particularly interested in American Indian art and crafts made prior to 1950. We will be happy to make you an offer on Native American art and crafts produced before 1950. We will also consider newer original oils and watercolors, not prints. All newer pieces will be discussed on an item-by-item basis only.

Our standard shipping within the continental USA is now Priority Mail with shipping price of $8 per package for items under 1 lb total weight including packaging. We have access to all UPS and FedEx classes of service, from Ground-Trak to Next-Day AM. We can still ship by First Class Mail or Express Mail if desired. The US Postal Service options are particularly attractive for shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, other US possessions, Canada, and other international destinations. We will negotiate the cost of shipping larger items, international shipments, or other classes of service on a case-by-case basis. Please inform us if you wish to use something other than our standard Priority Mail shipping.

If you have a collection or an estate of Southwest American Indian art that you wish to liquidate, we can help you. For a large enough collection of Native American art, we will be happy to travel to your location to appraise the collection and make you an offer. Please do not hesitate to call us if we can help you to sell your collection of American Indian art.

We generally have more Native American art and crafts items for sale than we can show on our WWW page. Please e-mail us or send snail mail to our Santa Fe, New Mexico address if you wish to request information about items not shown here. We will need some specific idea about the type of Native American art you want.

Our only catalog is our WWW page, more up-to-date than any paper catalog can be. You can easily print out a hard copy of anything on our web pages, both images and text, on your printer by using your browser's File/Print function. If you want a color copy, use your color printer. We are sorry, but the expense of printing and mailing our catalog precludes mailing out hard copies.  

Note: We have chosen to be a home-based Internet American Indian Art business with substantially lower markup than retail stores. Our only catalog is our WWW page, more up-to-date than any paper catalog can be. We take advantage of our lower costs in our price structure, retail only. If you request a paper catalog, raw materials, or a wholesale price quote, we will not be not able to respond to your request. Our 800-348-9273 phone number is our home phone, so if you call during the middle of the night, you will wake us up. Thus we request that you call between 10 AM and 5 PM Mountain Time. Occasionally, we go on trips or vacations, which we do not announce in advance. We check our voice mail and e-mail daily when we are away, and will usually respond to your messages within 48 hours. Some of the merchandise show on our site is sold on consignment, mostly high end rugs, painting, or Pottery. We thank you in advance for your understanding on these matters.

Please let us know if there is some way in which we can help you with your American Indian art. We love the art as we are collectors ourselves and hope to share our enthusiasm with you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any reason.

Arch Thiessen

Sunshine Studio

3180 Vista Sandia

Santa Fe, NM 87506

phone: 505-984-3216

new order line: 800-348-9273

fax: 505-986-0765


alternate e-mail:

NOTICE:we have received several e-mail messages from prospective customers whose return e-mail address does not work. This is frustrating for both of us. Please be sure to include your correct e-mail address in the text of your e-mail. Otherwise it may prove to be impossible for us to respond to you. If possible, include a phone number, a fax number, and/or an alternate e-mail address so that we can contact you even if there is a temporary problem with our server or yours. Thank you.

Paintings may be available by the following Native American artists:

  • Abeita, Jimmy
  • Abeyta, Narciso (Ha-So-De)
  • Adams, Elliott
  • Aguilar, Jose Vicente
  • Aquino, Juan B.
  • Atencio, Gilbert
  • Auchiah, James
  • Becenti, Robert
  • Beeler, Joe (non-Indian)
  • Begay, Harrison
  • Begay,Arthur C.
  • Bellrock, Buster
  • Ben, Rosabelle
  • Big Bow, Larry
  • Big Bow, Woody
  • Bowannie, Filbert
  • Brown, Larry
  • Chalee, Pop
  • Charley, Wilton
  • Chee, Benjamin
  • Chee, Robert
  • Chiago, A.
  • Curtis, (Photo gravure, non-Indian)
  • David, Neil
  • Dishta, Duane
  • Draper, Robert
  • Draper, Teddy
  • Goodbear, Paul J.
  • Gutierrez, Geraldine
  • Hair, Madelaine
  • Herrera, Joe
  • Herrera, Stephen
  • Herrera, Velino Shije (Ma-Pe-Wi)
  • Hicks, Bobby
  • Honwytewa, M.
  • Houser, Allen
  • Johnson, Ron Tehannie
  • Kabotie, Michael
  • Lee, Charley (Yel-Ha-Yah)
  • Lee, Jerry
  • Martinez, Richard
  • Medina, J. D.
  • Montoya, Geronima Cruz (Po-Tsunu)
  • Montoya, Serefino
  • Mootzka, Waldo
  • Naha, Raymond
  • Padilla, Fernando
  • Padilla, Michael (Oyegi Pin)
  • Palmer, Ignatius
  • Ration, Dwight
  • Roybal, Alfonso (Awa Tsireh)
  • Roybal, J. D.
  • Sahmie, Randy
  • Sanchez, Patrick
  • Sandy, Percy (Kai-Sa)
  • Secatero, Johnny
  • Ship Shee, Louis
  • Shirley, Nelson Dodge
  • Smith, Dan (photos, non-Indian)
  • Strongbow, Dyanne
  • Sumatzkuku, P.
  • Sumitema, R.
  • Sweezy, Carl William
  • Talliwood, R.
  • Tastake
  • Tiade, Po Yo
  • Toddy, Calvin
  • Toddy, Irving
  • Toddy, Jimmy (Sr.) (Beatien Yazz)
  • Toddy, Marvin
  • Toledo, Jose Rey
  • Tsinajinnie, Andy
  • Vigil, Paul
  • Vigil, Romando (Tse-Ye-Mu)
  • Vigil, Tomas (Pan-Yo-Pin)
  • Vigil, Virgil
  • Wackerman, Hubert
  • Watchman, Bruce
  • Whitethorne-Benally, Elizabeth
  • Yazzie, Charley
  • Yazzi, Johnson
  • Yazzie, Ray
  • Yellowhair, Jimmy

Note that most of the above paintings have been obtained on the "after market. "

List of Fetish Carvers

These Artists' Work Has Been Available from Sunshine Studio

  • Garrick Acque
  • Larry Antez
  • Christine Banteah
  • Kent Banteah
  • Sedrick Banteah
  • Terry Banteah
  • Cheryl Beyuka
  • Philbert Beyuka
  • Keith Bobelu
  • Emery Boone
  • Evalena Boone
  • Leland Boone
  • Lena Boone
  • Marlo Booqua
  • Eugene Bowekaty
  • Arnie Calavaza
  • Chris Cellicion
  • Daniel Chattin
  • David Chavez
  • Ephram Chavez
  • Kenny Chavez
  • Vincent Chavez
  • Arvella Cheama
  • Fabian Cheama
  • Lance Cheama
  • Vivella Cheama
  • Wilfred Cheama
  • Michael Coble
  • Lance Deysee
  • Bradley Edaakie
  • Justin Red Elk
  • Bremette Epaloose
  • Emery Eriacho
  • Carl Etsate
  • Todd Etsate
  • Albert Eustace
  • Curtis Garcia
  • Debra Gasper
  • Pete and Dinah Gasper
  • Herb Halate
  • Leonard Halate
  • Alvin Haloo
  • Yancy Robert Halusewa
  • Milton Honawa
  • Eddington Hannaweeke
  • Stanton Hannaweeke
  • Brion Hattie
  • D. V. Hattie
  • Herbert Him
  • Fabian Homer
  • Juana Homer
  • Judith Homer
  • Bernard Homer, Jr.
  • Clive Hustito
  • Elfina Hustito
  • Jeremy Hustito
  • Jonas Hustito
  • Karen Hustito
  • Derrick Kaamasee
  • Coleen Kaamasee
  • Elton Kaamasee
  • Rickson Kalestewa
  • Raybert Kanteena
  • Ricky Laahty
  • Ron Laahty
  • Celester Laate
  • Maxx Laate
  • Pernell Laate
  • Willard Laate
  • Donovan Laiwakete
  • Fernando Laiwakete
  • Tony Laiwakete
  • Michael Laweka
  • Terry Lang
  • Al Lasiloo
  • Lloyd Lasiloo
  • Travis Lasiloo
  • Jessie LeBoeuf*
  • Tricia Leekity
  • Delvin Leekya
  • Freddie Leekya
  • Hayes Leekya
  • Robbie Leekya
  • Edna Leki
  • Todd Lowsayatee
  • Efraim Lucero
  • Gale Lucio
  • Randy Lucio
  • Ronnie Lunasee
  • Rosella Lunasee
  • Vernon Lunasee
  • Tony Mackel
  • Ulysses Mahkee
  • Kyle Mahooty
  • Sheryl Mahooty
  • Dana Malani
  • Louis Malie
  • Maxine Martine
  • Carol Martinez
  • Florentino Martinez
  • Harrietta Martinez
  • Anthony Mecale
  • Esteban Najera
  • Ruben Najera
  • Joel Nastacio
  • Pedia Nastacio
  • Staley Natewa
  • Daphne Neha
  • Julia Norton
  • Virginia Ohmsattie
  • Elroy Pablito
  • F. Pablito
  • Clayton Panteah
  • Gerald Patterson
  • Claudia Peina
  • Colvin Peina
  • Gerald Peina
  • Hubert Pincion
  • Albertson Pino
  • Dan Poncho
  • Gordon Poncho
  • Stephan Poncho
  • Todd Poncho
  • Tyrone Poncho
  • Abby Quam
  • Andres Quam
  • Dan Quam
  • Dan Quam, Jr.
  • Dwight Quam
  • Jayne Quam
  • Joey Quam
  • Lynn Quam
  • Melissa Quam
  • Prudencia Quam
  • Roderick Quam
  • Tyler Quam
  • Andres Quandelacy
  • Avery Quandelacy
  • Faye Quandelacy
  • Georgia Quandelacy
  • Gordon Quandelacy
  • Sandra Quandelacy
  • Stewart Quandelacy
  • Stuart Quandelacy
  • Esteban Santaros
  • Russell Shack
  • Darren Shebola
  • Sullivan Shebola
  • Aaron Sheche
  • Lorandina Sheche
  • Thelma Sheche
  • Jeff Shetima
  • Gabriel Sice
  • Troy Sice
  • Carmelia Snow*
  • Loubert Soseeah
  • Destry Siutza
  • Frank Tom
  • Virginia Toombs
  • Jeffrey Tsalabutie
  • Carlos Tsattie
  • Fabian Tsethlikai
  • Sly Walela
  • Rosita Wallace
  • Fred Weekoty
  • Nelson Yatsattie
  • Angel Yatsayte
  • Mike Yatsayte
  • Barry Yamutewa
  • Jimmy Yawakia
  • David Yazzie
  • Albenita Yunie
  • Brian Yunie
  • Chris Yuselew
  • Julius Yuselew
  • Saul Yuselew
  • Joseph Zuni
  • Karen Zunie
  • Tracey Zunie
  • Click Here to See Zuni Fetishes Available for Sale

Bennie Ration

Bennie Ration is a Navajo Indian from the Canoncito Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. He was born on March 21, 1955 to Frances and John Ration. His father, a silversmith since childhood, taught Bennie the craft of silversmithing when Bennie was eleven years old. His father told him that no matter what happens in life, he would always have silversmithing to fall back on.

Bennie has always been a talented artist. After he graduated from high school he enrolled in a one year program at U. S. Silkscreen and Graphics School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Upon completion of the course he worked for three years as silk screener and graphic designer. In 1978, Bennie did "fall back" on the art of silversmithing. Using the look and style that he developed as a graphic designer, Bennie began making beautiful three-dimensional figures in silver. His many wearable art designs include Zuni and Hopi Kachina figures, Southwestern animals, feathers, and Navajo inspired geometric patterns. Bennie also adorns many of his pieces with gem quality Turquoise stones, such as rare cabochons from the Kingman and Manassa mines. Some pieces (a Sunface Kachina, for example) have a removable head which can be worn as an independent pin or as a necklace with body attached. When asked how he comes up with his many designs, Bennie says, "I remember what I see and make pieces in my mind. "

Bennie's work is considered museum-quality due to the excellence of the work and the caliber of the stones. Bennie Ration's work is not only beautiful to wear, it is highly valued art for curators and investors.

Sunshine Studio Policy on Inter-Tribal Marriages

of Zuni Fetish Carvers 

Zuni husband and wife teams usually share in the work of carving fetishes. For example, one spouse may do the carving and the other may inlay the eyes, do the polishing, and/or tie on the bundles. Sometimes, one spouse may be from a different tribe, but both live and work in Zuni. Examples include  Lynn Quam (Zuni) who is married to Jayne Quam (Navajo), and Milton Honawa (Hopi) who is married to a Zuni. It is Sunshine Studio policy to attribute the work to the Zuni tribe in such cases.

There is a problem in the event of  separation and divorce. Fetishes produced by one spouse prior to the divorce should be attributed as Zuni. After the divorce, the tribal attribution depends on the circumstances. Sunshine Studio may not be fully aware of the existence of a divorce or of the circumstances. However, when we know, we will label such fetishes as Zuni*, with a link to this section, where we describe what we know of the situation.  

You can see the difficulty of being precise. We take a generous approach, and call all of these artists' work Zuni until proven otherwise.

Ordering and Shipping Information

Here You Will Find Information On:

Contacting Sunshine Studio / Operating Hours

Overview of Ordering Process

Policy on Domestic Payments

Policy on International Payments

Domestic Shipping and Handling Information

Shipping to Canada

International Shipping

Policy on Catalogs

Policy on Layaways

Policy on Returns and Damaged Shipments

Policy on Price Changes

to Cancel an Item or Order

More Details of How to Place an Order

Contacting Sunshine Studio / Operating Hours

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you in any way. If you wish to contact us, please use one of the means suggested below. We operate on a Monday to Friday, 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM Mountain Time schedule. On weekends, we will answer when we are available. There is a voice mail at our phone, but please be patient - it is set to record only after approximately seven rings. We prefer that you call between 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM Mountain Time. Please remember the time difference: 8 hours earlier than the United Kingdom, 2 hours earlier than the East Coast, one hour later than California, and 8 hours later than Japan. (This means, for example, that if it is noon in New Youk, it is 10AM in Santa Fe).

    Sunshine Studio Contact Information
        3180 Vista Sandia
        Santa Fe, NM 87506
        phone: 505-984-3216
        new order line: 800-348-9273
        fax: 505-986-0765
        alternate e-mail:

NOTICE: We have received several e-mail messages from prospective customers whose return e-mail address does not work. This is frustrating for both of us. Please be sure to include your correct e-mail address in the text of your e-mail. Be sure that your spam filter is set to accept messages from Otherwise it may prove to be impossible for us to respond to you. If possible, include a phone number, a fax number, and/or an alternate e-mail address so that we can contact you even if there is a temporary problem with our email server or yours.

Please be patient - if you send a "Buy Me" message during business hours, we will answer within a few hours. If you send a message outside of business hours, we may not respond until noon of the next business day. On posting day, we do not answer our phone during the first hour and a half after new fetishes have been posted. Please phone us later in the day on these occasions. Be assured that all orders are handled on a first come, first served basis, in the order that they are received.

Overview of Ordering Process

Placing an order with Sunshine Studio is a two-step process. First you must RESERVE THE ITEMS that you wish to purchase. Items may be reserved by using our BuyMe button, by email, by phone (1-800-348-9273), or FAX (1-505-986-0765). After your item(s) have been reserved, we will send you an invoice which confirms all items that are available and provides the total cost including shipping and any sale discounts that may be applicable. In the second step, you PAY FOR THE ORDER.  

The total cost of your order will be the cost of the merchandise plus $8 shipping  by priority mail in the USA for everything that will fit into one mailing box. If the total cost of your merchandise exceeds $299, shipping is free in the USA. (Please contact us for the cost of shipping large items, other shipping methods or international shipping).

Payment Options: There are four different methods that you may choose from to pay for an order.
  1. Credit Card - go to our credit card page () and fill in the form that you will find there. You will need the usual credit card information. In addition, you will need the invoice number (or inventory number) and the amount of the charge. For future orders, you may ask us to charge to the same card so long as nothing on the card (including expiration date) has changed since the previous order. (Note that we will wait 10 business days for international credit card orders to clear before shipping}.
  2. PayPal - open your PayPal account and choose the "Send Money" tab. Send the payment to (our email address is also our PayPal account name).
  3. Check or Money Order - We accept all forms of checks and money orders. We may choose to wait 5 to 10 business days for the transaction to clear before shipping the order.
  4. Layaway - please contact us by phone (505-984-3216) or email to set up the terms of your layaway

Domestic Shipping: There is a $8 shipping and handling fee for most orders placed and shipped within the continental USA using our standard shipping method, Priority Mail, insured. This single fee applies to anything that can be fit into a 10" x 12" x 3" shipping box. Large items or those over two pounds in shipping weight will be charged additional shipping according to actual cost to us. Media mail shipping of a single small book to a domestic address is possible for $5, but only if the actual weight of the item and shipping container is less than one pound. Typical delivery time of Priority Mail to the East Coast is two to three days. We have access to all classes of UPS and FedEx shipping, from Ground Trak to Next-Day Air with Early Morning Delivery. Please let us know if you want a class of service other than our standard, Priority Mail. The customer is responsible for loss or damage to all shipments that are sent uninsured at the request of the customer. Any lost or damaged shipment not reported to Sunshine Studio within 21 days of the order date or shipping date, whichever is later, is the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping Paintings, Pottery and Kachinas and Other Large or Breakable Items: The minimum shipping and handling charge for Kachinas is $25, with additional fees for larger items. Pottery is shipped in "foam-in-place" packaging at a cost from $15-$100 depending on size. Shipping of a typical painting by UPS GroundTrak, properly boxed by a professional packer, is $30-$150, depending on size. Shipping and handling charges for large items are billed at our cost.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and other US Territories: For Alaska, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, and other US territories, we can use US First Class Mail, Express Mail,or Priority Mail at a minimum fee of $8 for Priority Mail, or $25 for Express Mail. The minimum shipping charge for UPS or FedEx 2nd day air to these addresses is $50. UPS or FedEx charges and shipping for large items are billed at our cost.

Shipping to Canada: We can ship small parcels to Canada for $25 by Express Mail or $8 by First Class Mail. Typical delivery times are 5-10 days for Express Mail and 10-20 days for first class mail. UPS provides 4-day expedited service for $50 and up, depending on location. Shipping charges for larger items sent by Global Priority Mail, Express Mail, or UPS are charged at our cost. Duty for items shipped to Canadian addresses is the responsibility of the buyer.

International Shipping: For small items shipped to many international addresses, we can ship by First Class Mail for $12. Delivery of first class mail takes 10-60 days. Contact us for the most up-to-date information that we have. Items shipped by First Class, Global Priority Mail, and International Express Mail cannot be insured. Any loss or damage is the responsibility of the customer. We can ship by International Express Mail for $30 and up depending on destination and weight. Express Mail takes 7-10 days, with shorter times to European destinations and longer times to the Far East. International Mail shipments are now trackable (11/1/2013). Insurance is offered for International Mail shipments of some classes, but due to some bad experiences prior to 11/2013, we cannot guarantee that the insurance actually works if the the package is lost. Ask us for the latest available information. If you wish 2nd day air service for a small parcel, we can ship by UPS or FEDEX within the USA for $50-$100 and $100-$500 international depending on size or weight. Paintings and other large items must be handled on a case-by-case basis, minimum charge $100. Shipping charges for UPS, FedEx and large items are billed at our cost. Customs fees,VAT and duty for items shipped to an international address are the responsibility of the buyer.

International Payments: The best method of making international payments is PayPal. You will receive a good exchange rate and the transaction will be promptly handled. International credit cards are more of a problem. The address verification process is different from domestic cards and our credit card processor may not accept the transaction. We can usually force the transaction to be accepted, but this process takes one additional day. We require, in addition, 10 days for international credit card transactions to clear before shipping the order. Our local banks have trouble with international checks and money orders in these times of international scams. We do not recommend international checks or money orders. We can accept such transactions, but need 10-15 working days for the check or money order to clear before shipping.

Policy on Returns and Damaged Shipments: We will accept the return of any item for full refund within 10 days of receipt at your premises if returned in its original condition, no questions asked. Shipping charges for returns are the responsibility of the customer. We have an unconditional guarantee on the authenticity of our art. If at any time there is a question of authenticity verified by a suitably knowledgeable expert and the item is in its original condition, the item may be returned for a full refund. In the case of an authenticity return, the shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Items damaged in shipment must be reported to Sunshine Studio within 21 days of the order or shipping date. All domestic shipments are insured for full value. Our insurer insists that all damaged items be returned to Sunshine Studio before claims can be settled. International orders shipped by the post office cannot be insured. All claims for damaged or lost international shipments are the responsibility of the customer.

To Cancel or Correct a submitted item or order: please send an email to mentioning your name and email address plus the item or order that you wish to cancel or correct.

Policy on Price Changes: We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. Please be sure to set up your browser to reload these pages each time you start a session if you want to see a current sales list and up-to-date prices. (Some browsers default to a mode where they store the pages in a local disk cache and do not automatically refresh the data).

Policy on Catalogs: Our only catalog is our WWW page, which is more accurate and more up-to-date than any paper catalog can be. You can easily print a copy using your browser's "print" function. If you want a color copy, use your color printer. We are sorry, but the expense of printing and mailing hard copies precludes mailing copies. Use your monitor to view your electronic copy.


Policy on Layaways: We will be happy to do layaways on most of the items for sale on our WWW pages. We request 1/3 down and a maximum of three months to complete payment.. There is no additional charge for layaways, shipped only after payment in full. You will have ten days after receipt of your purchase to return the item for refund. There is a 15% restocking fee for items on layaway that are returned or for layaways that are cancelled after payment of the down payment. For some larger, low-margin items like paintings, pottery, and rugs, layaway is not possible. Please ask us about any item that you would like to lay away.

More Details of How to Place an Order

First click on an item in our catalog. This will bring up a single-page display with a larger image of the item, full details of the item, and a "BuyMe" button.

When you click on the "BuyMe" button, a contact information form appears along with a "Confirm BuyMe" button. You must enter your contact information and may correct any typographical errors at this time. When you are confident that your contact information is correct and click on the "Confirm BuyMe" button, an email is sent to Sunshine Studio requesting that we check the availability of one item. The contents of this email are displayed on your screen. If you need a copy of this email, you can use your computer's PrntScrn command or other means to print a hard copy.

After we receive your order, a Sunshine Studio staff member checks our inventory, confirms availability of the item(s) purchased, and sends you an invoice with payment instructions. (This is necessary because all of our items are one-of-a-kind. Any slipup in our inventory process means that the item will not be available for sale.) You may pay with credit card (), PayPal (open your PayPal account and "Send Money" to, check or money order (send by snail mail to 3180 Vista Sandia, Santa Fe, NM 87506), or layaway (phone 1-800-348-9273 to set up terms). (We must wait 10 business days for checks, money orders, and credit cards from international locations to clear before shipping).

To Cancel an Item or to Correct an Error after Submission: please send an email to (or phone 1-800-348-9273) mentioning your name, email address, and phone number plus the description of the item or order that you wish to cancel or correct.

An order to Sunshine Studio is built up one item at a time. For an order consisting of several items, select one item at a time and click on the "BuyMe/Confirm BuyMe" buttons once for each item before you navigate away from the item chosen.

All items on the Sunshine Studio web site are one-of-a-kind. If we have several similar items, each has a different inventory number. If you click on the "BuyMe/Confirm BuyMe" buttons several times from several different items within a short time, we will combine your items into a single order. The shipping fee is applied only once per order.

Note that for some of you (especially if you wish to buy multiple items), it may be more convenient to send an email to listing the item(s) that you wish to purchase. This email must contain a list of the inventory numbers of the items that you wish to purchase and a phone number where we can call you in the event that ReplyTo your email does not work. You may also put your request addional items in the Additional Message box on the contact information form that BuyMe provides. You may phone your order to (800) 348-9273 or (505) 984-3216 if you wish. We also accept fax orders at (505) 986-0765.

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