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Picasso Marble Bird, Eagle by Derrick Kaamasee - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Derrick Kaamasee

Picasso Marble Bird, Eagle by Derrick Kaamasee

$ 80.00

A gray, brown, cream and black veined Picasso marble eagle carved by Derrick Kaamasee looking intently at the viewer with rounded turquoise inlaid eyes. Derrick has carved the eagle perched on a rocky incline, thereby allowing the tail to extend downwards and the talons to be carved in low relief. The eagle is the messenger to the Creator; he's the guardian protector of the cosmos. The eagle represents conscious enlightenment and clarity; his medicine brings perspective of one's self - enabling vision of situations from all sides. Eagles also have a solid connection to the element of air. This connection reminds us that we are more than just physical beings; we have a spiritual side as well. Our thoughts and intentions create who we become.
Artist: Derrick Kaamasee (signed)
Size: 1-1/4 in. wide x 2-5/8 in. long x 2-5/8 in. tall

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