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Antler Bear by Maxx Laate - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Maxx Laate

Antler Bear by Maxx Laate

$ 75.00

A detailed ivory colored antler nesting bear with jet inlaid eyes carved by Maxx Laate preparing for the big winter sleep. The base of the nest was carved from the boney rimed burr found near the base of the antler, creating a nice curly ringed nest. Maxx even left the outer layer of the horn creating a nice contrasting brown coloration. The bear is endowed with curative powers, strength, adaptability and courage - powers that can influence both the spiritual and physical realm. Hibernating bears symbolize retreating into the womb of the Great Mother earth, for rest and protection.
Artist: Maxx Laate (signed)
Size: 1-1/2 in. wide x 1-3/8 in. deep x 1-1/4 in. tall

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