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Jet Bird, Crow by Peter Natachu, Jr., Deceased - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Peter Natachu, Jr., Deceased

Jet Bird, Crow by Peter Natachu, Jr., Deceased

$ 120.00

A sweet jet crow with turquoise inlaid eyes carved by the now deceased Peter Natachu. Peter inlaid the front of the wings with pipestone, jet, clam shell and turquoise. He then inlaid the tail with a geometric pattern featuring gold-lip, turquoise, clam shell and jet. The Zuni believe the crow is the keeper of sacred law. In the Zuni creation myth - when the Zunis arrived to the Middle World(what we call earth), they were given a choice between two eggs. Some of the Zuni tribe chose the blue egg and consequently journeyed to their current homeland; destined to have a life full of toil with the crow as their guide - known as the Winter
Artist: Peter Natachu, Jr., Deceased (signed)
Size: 3-1/8 in. long x 5/8 in. wide x 1 in. tall

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