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Antler Bird, Long Ear Owl by Troy Sice - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Troy Sice

Antler Bird, Long Ear Owl by Troy Sice

$ 310.00

A quirky cream and gray colored antler long ear owl carved by Troy Sicewith gold-lip and pen shell inlaid eyes and dark mother-of-pearl beak - delivered to Sunshine Studio in April of 2023. The owl has burnished ear tips, talons and wing tips. The tops of the wings were burnished first then Troy incised small arcs - creating a lovely contrast in coloration. Lastly; Troy incised arcs on the owl's chest then he inlaid them with a pipestone slip. Long-eared owls' tufts stand close together and upright. A long-eared owl symbolizes the phase of passionate creativity. The Zuni believe the owl can see what others can not - they assist in helping to root out deception and they can get to the essence of true wisdom.
Artist: Troy Sice (signed)
Size: 1 in. long x 5/8 in. wide x 1-3/8 in. tall

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