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Antler Otter by Troy Sice  - Zuni Fetish - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Troy Sice

Antler Otter by Troy Sice - Zuni Fetish

$ 2,800.00

An incredible large prominent cream and gray streaked antler otter carved by Troy Sice - delivered to Sunshine in late October of 2022! The otter "floats" as it looks up at the viewer thanks to the sturdy black marble base and the eight gauge sterling silver rod that supports it. The face is the pièce de résistance - with pen shell eyes, burnished nose and ears and the lyrical twelve inlaid 28 gauge whiskers and six 22 gauge dots. The top of the head and chest are carved in the porous brown marrow area of the horn also enhancing the piece - giving the cream colored face depth - as it "pops" contrasting nicely as well with the shiny silver whiskers. Troy tells us that the antler used is from a deer and the burnished tail is not inlaid - rather it is simply one of tines found on the antler rack with the two back feet carved as one form from another. This is the first antler carved otter Troy has created in this style and we feel blessed to have it! The otter symbolizes the inner child in us all - celebrating joy in life's simple pleasures, passion for the things that your heart desires, and freedom to do what your instincts are telling you. NOTE: This carving will be given an immediate 20% discount when checking out due to price.
Artist: Troy Sice (signed)
Size: Including Base and Whiskers: 8-1/8 in. long x 1-3/4 in. wide x 5-3/8 in. tall
#59556 - Zuni Fetishes

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