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Leopard Jasper Lizard, Chameleon  by Esteban Najera - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Esteban Najera

Leopard Jasper Lizard, Chameleon by Esteban Najera

$ 80.00

A detailed peach, maroon, white and brown colored leopard jasper chameleon carved by Esteban Najera with convex carved eyes and jet slit style inlaid pupils. The chameleon has cross hatch marks all over the face and body symbolizing the lizard's skin and he rests on a small base made from the same rock with the feet carved in low relief. A chameleon symbolizes stability, insight, patience, determination, perception, curiosity, fearlessness, and resourcefulness. Most of its different types undergo color changes, thereby highlighting life's inconsistencies and the importance of being adaptable.
Artist: Esteban Najera (signed)
Size: 3-3/8 in. long x 1-3/8 in. wide x 1 in. tall

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