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Picasso Marble Buffalo by Clive Hustito - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Clive Hustito

Picasso Marble Buffalo by Clive Hustito

$ 105.00

A detailed gray, cream, tan and brown tinged Picasso marble buffalo with turquoise inlaid eyes. Carved by Clive Hustito, there is a nicely incised mane that contrasts with the smooth back, tail and hooves. The buffalo is not a traditional subject for Zuni carvers though the medicine it brings is needed & therefore it is carved since the buffalo helps mankind overcome obstacles, builds emotional courage & physical strength & brings abundance & initiates prayerfulness.
Artist: Clive Hustito (signed)
Size: 2-3/8 in. long x 1 in. wide x 1-7/8 in. tall

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