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Picasso Marble Bear by Bremette Epaloose - Deceased

Bremette Epaloose - Deceased

Picasso Marble Bear by Bremette Epaloose - Deceased

$ 150.00

A gray, brown and black veined Picasso marble comical bear carved by Bremette Epaloose, standing upright on its hind legs with its hands raised in an anthropomorphic style with turquoise inlaid eyes and apple coral tongue. Bremette was a carver who died way too young on July 10TH, 2015 in his late 40's; we believe. He was such a prolific carver - he would make about 10 carvings a day & he brought playfulness and skill to every carving he made; always making the carving his own; even if it was his first time to carve the animal. The bear is endowed with curative powers, strength, adaptability & courage - powers that can influence both the spiritual & physical realm.
Artist: Bremette Epaloose - Deceased (signed)
Size: 2-1/4 in. long x 1-5/8 in. wide x 2-7/8 in. tall

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