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Antler Mermaid by Robert Michael Weahkee

Robert Michael Weahkee

Antler Mermaid by Robert Michael Weahkee

$ 240.00

Our first mermaid fetish carved and delivered to Sunshine by the ever inventive; Robert Michael Weakee. The mermaid has slit style jet inlaid eyes and a turquoise mouth & is carved to rest on its side with the help of the tail and a leveled off portion on the under side of the base. Robert has burnished hair, the tail and sea shells that cover the mermaid's 'breasts' - then he has incised lines, creating depth. The English word mermaid is a compound of "mere" (Old English for sea) and "maid" (a girl or young woman). The symbol of the mermaid is as changeable as the sea itself. In some cultures, the mermaid signifies life and fertility within the ocean. In others, she embodies the destructive nature of the water, luring sailors to their deaths — serving as an omen for storms, unruly seas and disaster.
Artist: Robert Michael Weahkee (signed)
Size: 9 in. long x 1-1/8 in. wide x 4-1/4 in. tall

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