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Argellite (Spotted Serpentine) Fish by Jeff Shetima

Jeff Shetima

Argellite (Spotted Serpentine) Fish by Jeff Shetima

$ 950.00

An animated argellite, sage and very deep yellowish green spotted serpentine school of 4 salmon fish carved by Jeff Shetima. The largest salmon has a micro mini heart line above its dorsal fin - inlaid with bits of turquoise, jet, gold-lip, clam and sodalite. He is leaping out of the water - successfully capturing a gold-lip mother-of-pearl dragonfly in his mouth. There are 3 smaller salmon carved to the left side & under of the leaping salmon - all four salmon have gold-lip & penn shell inlaid eyes. This fantastic carving was chosen from Jeff's 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market table and was sitting for some time in a box. Note that the detailed dragonfly isn't glued in place - providing a safe shipping outcome.
Artist: Jeff Shetima (signed)
Size: Dragonfly: 1-7/8 in. long x 7/8 in. long x 1/8 in. deep3 in. long x 1-5/8 in. wide x3-3/8 in. tall, with dragonfly: 3-5/8 in. tall

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