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Antler Bird, Eagle by Troy Sice

Troy Sice

Antler Bird, Eagle by Troy Sice

$ 300.00

Sunshine Studio's fourth grayish cream & brown streaked antler carved eagle fetish created & delivered to Sunshine by Troy Sice in April of 2019. This majestic eagle has hand made Kingman turquoise inlaid eyes with burnished beak, wings, tail and talons creating visual pauses all around the carving. The Zuni believe the creator made the eagle to be a teacher for mankind - and due to their ability to fly the highest; they can send our prayers to the creator. The eagle also has incredible vision so eagle medicine is to look at the comprehensive whole picture of all situations.
Artist: Troy Sice (signed)
Size: 5/8 in. long x 5/8 in. wide x 1-3/4 in. tall

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