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Amber Bird, Raven by Rochelle Quam  - Zuni Fetish - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Rochelle Quam

Amber Bird, Raven by Rochelle Quam - Zuni Fetish

$ 70.00

A small semi opaque Baltic amber raven with jet inlaid eyes carved and delivered to Sunshine by Rochelle Quam. If you hold the bird up to the light - you can only see through the form around the face; especially under the eyes. Raven medicine teaches us to confront our dark side so that we can go beyond and achieve our full potential. The color black is obtained by adding all colors together, thus the black feathers compel us to not dwell in negativity - rather see the creativity; the rainbow in all things that appear to be black. Ravens therefore filters that teach us to change a stagnant mindset.

Artist: Rochelle Quam (signed)
Size: 1-3/4 in. long x 1/2 in. wide x 1-1/8 in. tall
#54111 - Zuni Fetishes

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