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Antler Turtle by Troy Sice

Troy Sice

Antler Turtle by Troy Sice

$ 400.00

A low-to-the-ground antler turtle with jet inlaid claws and turquoise inlaid eyes. This is a new style turtle carved by Troy Sice with an incised shell with 10 scutes - the 4 running down the center are inlaid with big Mediterranean coral dots and there are 3 smaller Kingman turquoise dots inlaid on each side. In the creation myths of some tribes, the Great Spirit created land by placing earth on the back of a giant turtle - hence North America is sometimes called Turtle Island. Turtle energy is to go with the flow, due to the turtle's proclivity to go with the current & the turtle is esteemed by all native cultures & symbolically represents mother earth.
Artist: Troy Sice (signed)
Size: 1-1/2 in. long x 1-1/8 in. wide x 3/8 in. tall

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