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Antler Dragonfly Maiden by Raymond Tsalate  - Zuni Fetish - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Raymond Tsalate

Antler Dragonfly Maiden by Raymond Tsalate - Zuni Fetish

$ 1,200.00

An outstanding dragonfly maiden by Raymond Tsalate! One of Ray's dragonfly maidens is featured on the title page in Kent McManis' new edition of Zuni Fetishes! This maiden wears her hair in two braids turquoise* clasps, and is carved wearing a shawl inlaid with elaborate striped gold-lip mother-of-pearl/malachite/pin shell/gold-lip/mother-of-pearl/malachite/pin shell 'trim' with incised triangular quadrants inlaid with pipestone and jet. She wears a fine necklace inlaid with various sized turquoise*lapis and coral dots. The horizontal slit carved eyes are inlaid with softly rounded pin shell and the mouth a circular softly rounded inlaid coral. There are lapis dots on the burnished moccasins and the pièce de résistance; the four inlaid abalone wings on the back! This maiden 'floats' thanks to the sterling silver rod she is mounted on with a nice craggily antler base and three copper inlaid cat tails with antler tails at the top. It is Ray's hope that the copper will eventually turn green with time; so buy this lovely and find out what happens!
Artist: Raymond Tsalate (signed)
Size: Including Base, Copper Cattails & Wings:4-1/8 in. tall x 4-3/4 in. wide 2-3/4 in. deep
#41742 - Zuni Fetishes

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