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Zuni Rock (travertine) Maiden by Gayla Eriacho

Gayla Eriacho

Zuni Rock (travertine) Maiden by Gayla Eriacho

$ 240.00

A darling large maiden carved and picked up recently in Zuni from Gayla Eriacho! Carved in Zuni quarried travertine with pen shell inlaid eyes and coral inlaid mouth. There is an azurite/malachite inlaid dot necklace on the front and two shimmering gold-lip mother-of-pearl corn stalks inlaid on the back of the robe inlaid with bits of azurite/malachite chips around the the outline and also around the front suggesting the stalk,quite original!
Artist: Gayla Eriacho (signed)
Size: 3 in. tall x/4 in. wide x 1-1/8 in. long

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