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Rainbow Fluorite Frogs by Jeff Shetima

Jeff Shetima

Rainbow Fluorite Frogs by Jeff Shetima

$ 800.00

A fantastic rainbow fluorite frog trio depicting a mother frog and 2 babies, carved by Jeff Shetima! Carved from a rainbow fluorite stone that depicts the full spectrum; from green, yellow. blue-green to purple then pink. The mother frog stands tall, given anthropomorphic abilities, she has turquoise inlaid eyes in the protruding sockets, and carries her two small babes on her 'hips', one is green and the other is pink; so a boy and a girl! The intricate micro inlay is on the mother's chest, and is inlaid with turquoise*, coral, lapis, jet, mother-of-pearl, lapis and abalone to name a few and we are happy to have this trio to offer our well appreciated customers!
Artist: Jeff Shetima (signed)
Size: 3-5/8 in. tall x 2-1/4 in. wide x 1-1/4 in. deep

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