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Picasso Marble Bears by Jeff Shetima

Jeff Shetima

Picasso Marble Bears by Jeff Shetima

$ 660.00

A lovely tableau carving in Picasso marble by Jeff Shetima depicting a sow bear with her cub with both having pin point turquoise* inlaid eyes, carved perched on top of a precipice! Both bears have Jeff's signature intricate healing heart line on their backs with jet, abalone, turquoise*, coral and gold-lip inlaid in the tiny channel and are carved in a pronounced gray piece of marble with the brown and black veins found near the base of the feet on two sides of this triangle shaped carving; with the cub resting to one side of the sow. With the wild veins, expressive faces and great detail all round; this is an exceptional piece and shows Jeff's movement in his art towards telling stories with his carvings!
Artist: Jeff Shetima (signed)
Size: 2-3/4 in. tall x 3-5/8 in. wide x 3-1/8 in. deep

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