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Dendritic Soapstone Horses by Hubert Pincion, Deceased

Hubert Pincion, Deceased

Dendritic Soapstone Horses by Hubert Pincion, Deceased

$ 375.00

A large sage and deep olive green spotted dendritic jousting horse double carved by the now deceased Hubert Pincion. It is not uncommon to see stallions rearing in the wild when they fight, while striking at their opponent with their front legs. Hubert was one of the last artists to carve solely with hand tools. He was an uncle to Jeff Shetima - who we always greeted, when attending a night dance at Jeff's Wide Wall Kiva House. He was a kind man who died way too soon from stomach cancer. The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restraint - symbolizing speed and strength. The Zuni believe the horse has healing powers.
Artist: Hubert Pincion, Deceased (signed)
Size: 4-1/2 in. long x 1-3/8 in. wide x 3-1/2 in. tall

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