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Marble Rabbit by Melissa Quam  - Zuni Fetish - Zuni Fetish Sunshine Studio

Melissa Quam

Marble Rabbit by Melissa Quam - Zuni Fetish

$ 42.00

A cream, muted pink and tan colored marble rabbit carved simply by Melissa Quam looking to its right side with jet inlaid eyes. Rabbits are food for predators; so their medicine reminds us to live life to its fullest for our physical forms are transitory. While living - we must learn from the rabbit to use quick reflex, trusting our intuition so that we don't become paralyzed by fear of the unknown.
Artist: Melissa Quam
Size: 2 in. long x 1-1/4 in. wide x 1-1/4 in. tall
#59757 - Zuni Fetishes

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