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Antler Bird, Horned Owl by Robert Michael Weahkee

Robert Michael Weahkee

Antler Bird, Horned Owl by Robert Michael Weahkee

$ 120.00

A sweet faced horned owl carved looking to one side with turquoise & jet inlaid eyes - carved by Robert Michael Weahkee wearing a lovely heshie, coral and turquoise bead necklace. This plump horned owl is carved in a cream piece of antler and has Robert's new style burnished wings, tail and enlarged beak - creating more depth and a lovely color contrast. The Zuni believe the owl can see what others can not - they assist in helping to root out deception and they can get to the essence of true wisdom. The feathery tufts or horns on the owl's head are considered signs of spiritually powerful beings for many tribes.
Artist: Robert Michael Weahkee (signed)
Size: 2 in. wide x 1-3/8 in. deep x 5-3/4 in. tall

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