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Antler Owl, Flammulated Owl by Troy Sice

Troy Sice

Antler Owl, Flammulated Owl by Troy Sice

$ 310.00

We are so excited to present Troy Sice's exploration in owls - here we present his flammulated owl. The flammulated owl is a small migratory North American nocturnal owl with a large wingspan for such a small body - enabling the bird to fly rapidly from tree to tree. The owl gets the flammulated moniker from the flame-like markings that frame the owl's face. Troy has consequently burnished a ring around the face then inlaid jet arcs around both sides of the face near the penn shell inlaid eyes. There are jet inlaid oval spots on the owl's chest which is later burnished creating the lovely golden sienna coloration. The flammulated owl's call is a series of relatively deep, single or double hoots. The Zuni believe the owl can see what others can not - they assist in helping to root out deception and they can get to the essence of true wisdom.
Artist: Troy Sice (signed)
Size: 3/4 in. long x 5/8 in. wide x 1-1/8 in. tall

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