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Picasso Marble Horse by Enrike Leekya

Enrike Leekya

Picasso Marble Horse by Enrike Leekya

$ 60.00

A grayish/cream and brown spotted Picasso marble horse carved by Enrike Leekya looking up at the viewer with turquoise inlaid eyes. Enrike has given this fine horse turquoise hooves and he's also inlaid 2 penn, coral and clam shell feathers to the horse's back - one is behind the neck on the horse's mane and the other is on the tail. The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restraint - symbolizing speed and strength. The Zuni believe the horse has healing powers.
Artist: Enrike Leekya (signed)
Size: 2-3/4 in. long x 1-1/8 in. wide x 2-1/4 in. tall

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