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Serpentine Bird, Eagle  by Loren Tsalabutie

Loren Tsalabutie

Serpentine Bird, Eagle by Loren Tsalabutie

$ 75.00

A small green serpentine eagle with black marble inlaid eyes carved by Loren Tsalabutie with one dark green vein running diagonally across the eagle's chest. We received this small eagle from Loren Tsalabutie on Sunshine Studio's front porch in early March of 2021. The Zuni believe the creator made the eagle to be a teacher for mankind - and due to their ability to fly the highest; they can send our prayers to the great divine. The eagle also has incredible vision so eagle medicine is to look at the comprehensive whole picture of all situations.
Artist: Loren Tsalabutie (signed)
Size: 1-3/8 in. long x 1/2 in. wide x 1-1/2 in. tall

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