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Green Snail Shell Maidens by Kateri Sanchez

Kateri Sanchez

Green Snail Shell Maidens by Kateri Sanchez

$ 325.00

A large green snail shell maiden figure carving, delivered to Sunshine recently by Kateri Sanchez. The maidens peak out of the shell with gold-lip mother-of-pearl & clam inlaid faces with jet inlaid features. There are coral inlaid dot pendants, jet inlaid dragonflies and incised corn rows in all the right places, moving the eye all around the shell's periphery. Kateri has leveled off one portion of the bottom and uses the shell's spire - the coiled part of shell - for added stability; creating a beautifully composed maiden sculpture!
Artist: Kateri Sanchez (signed)
Size: 3-1/4 in. long x 2-3/4 in. wide x 3-3/4 in. tall

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