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Alabaster Mountain Lion by Rickson Kalestewa

Rickson Kalestewa

Alabaster Mountain Lion by Rickson Kalestewa

$ 45.00

A gray, red sienna and cream veined alabaster mountain lion carved by Rickson Kalestewa in his unique style with jet inlaid mouth, nostrils, eyes and claws. Rickson has implied movement with the left foot seemingly stepping forwards as the right front knee bends backwards. The tail wraps lyrically over the back, ending near the lion's neck and Rickson has added a simple Picasso marble arrowhead to the top of the lion's back with sinew. For the Zuni, the lion represents the guardian of the north - he is the master hunter, revered for intelligence, prowess & strength of will.
Artist: Rickson Kalestewa (signed)
Size: 2-1/2 in. long x 7/8 in. wide x 1-3/8 in. tall

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