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Black Marble Buffalo by Hiram Peynetsa

Hiram Peynetsa

Black Marble Buffalo by Hiram Peynetsa

$ 300.00

A fabulous black marble buffalo with turquoise inlaid eyes, incised mane and beard, mother-of-pearl inlaid horns with an incised feather on the buffalo's right front leg and shoulder with a Zuni sun face to the right of the feather. Carved and recently delivered to Sunshine in September of 2015 by Hiram Peynetsa; we are happy to have this lovely, that Hiram says is a tribute carving to his recently deceased Uncle; Bremette Epaloose.
Artist: Hiram Peynetsa (signed)
Size: 2-3/4 in. long x 3/4 in. wide x 2-1/8 in. tall

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